ne mam rada američay (josie_in_praha) wrote,
ne mam rada američay

EVERYONE VOTE for a spring break trip I should take in late march

Honalulu, Hawaii for $671 round trip

Berlin, Germany for $681 round trip

Tokyo for $842 round trip

Mardrid for $815

Guayaquil, Equador for $865

nothing, go on a more expensive vacation in late july or early august

Yes, that's right. I have now reached the point where I have made $1,000 this semester. And I think I will blow it all on some dumb vacation. Why? Because my sanity is worth about that much money to me.

Of course, on the other hand, the longer I wait before purchasing tickets, the more money I will have.
I actually have about $1,500 but a lot of that money is fronted money I should use to pay my rent... but then, if I wait longer to pay my rent, I'll have non-fronted money.
But, a lot of the vacations I'd REALLY want to DESPERATELY go on cost more than $1,000 plane fair.
Its kind of... I don't know. I ccould hold out.
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