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QUIZ: Which city I have been to should you go to?

1. Which of the following meals would you be most likely to eat?
a. regular dumplings with cabbage as an appetizer, followed by fried cheese sandwhich. *mmm calories*.
b. dumplings with potato in them
c. pita with hummos, roasted eggplant, and felafel
d. anchovies. yum yum fish.
e. a "traditional First Nations People" meal with lots of meat in it. Note quotation marks.

2. What would you like to do on vacation?
a. Mmmmm absinth. Let's get trashed and watch the sun set in old town square!
b. I am interested in the history of World War two, and would like to research it.
c. See ancient temples.
d. go to a lovely beach.
e. I want to see pretty nature and climb things and do other physical activities.

3. Who is coming with you on this trip?
a. my single friend, and we'd love to get some action!
b. a couple of my best friends
c. my wife, husband, or fiance, and I am in a heterosexual relationship.
d. My same-sex partner and we love to cuddle!
e. five of my best friends

4. How much do you plan to spend on this trip?
a. I have a tight student budget, but we're willing to splurge for a few cool touristy sites.
b. I'm almost broke, but I think I'll manage.
c. I am flat out broke right now, and I owe money to three of my friends.
d. I'm as rich as croeses, and I love to throw money around.
e. I describe myself as upper middle class... or my parents are

5. Which of these would faze you/ freak you out THE LEAST?
a. people insulting gypsys and other minority groups
b. a drunken man following you down several streets
c. 10 offers of marriage from total strangers every day, if you are a woman, and if you are a man, women being shy around you (and sex very very hard to obtain)
d. big hard rocks on a beach that poke into your ass and back
e. really odd looking topiaries looking creepy by the side of the road

6. In school, you study or want to study...
a) modern history and special education
b) Jewish studies, Christianity, and music
c) history of ancient civilizations, Islam, gender and women's studies, and Middle Eastern Studies
d) natural history, marine biology, and... wait, did you say study? Who would do that?
e) First Nations People history, foreign languages, environmental studies

7. How important is sex to you while traveling? (if you aren't single, pretend you are)
a) very important, and I WILL take the initiative to introduce myself to people
b) its not my top priority
c) it would be nice but I won't go flirting with anyone in a club or anything...and I'm definately not looking for any same-sex lovin!
d) I have learned three languages with the express purpose of attracting foreign men who do not speak a word of English. Mmmmmm sex.
e) I'd like it a lot, but I won't die without it.

8. Do you like to stand out when you travel? And how friendly should the "natives" be to you?
a) no, I love the wall! People generally should mind their own business and ignore me, especially in less touristy areas.
b) Its not terrible, but I still like the wall. Sometimes I like meeting new people, though.
c) I really like friendly people, and would love to make foreign friends.
d) I really like friendly foreign people... especially hot ones.
e) I like a place where everyone looks different from each other and where there is lots of diversity and it is appreciated.

9. What music do you like best of the following?
a) power metal, classical music, some rock, and musicals
b) liturgical music, and klezmer music
c) rai music, or other Arabic music
d) jazz or eurotrash
e) rock or pop

10. What is your favorite type of climate?
a) I love snow and cold weather.
b) I love snow and cold weather, but it might be nice to have a beach at the top of the country to run away too if things get too cold.
c) Bring on the heat, smog, and sunstroke.
d) I do like it hot (in more ways than one), but not too boiling.
e) mild summer, mild winter

11. Drinky drinky?
a) didn't you hear me say I wanted Absinth? And really good beer would be nice.
b) I won't say no if you're paying.
c) naaa... I'm not into that.
d) I would like to get plastered, preferably on fine wine.
e) I'm not sure. I'm not going on the trip to drink, but I might want some alchy.

12. Do you like the USA? Do you want a vacation in a place that is similar to it?
a) no, I'd like a place with more culture and better beer.
b) no, I'd like a place where the people are more religious, and the sites are more interesting.
c) no, take me far far away and give me culture shock like a heroin needle to the head.
d) well... are we talking san francisco here? If so, yah I guess.
e)Yes... but with more cultural diversity, and a prettier city.

If you got mostly As, you should go to Prague.
If you got mostly Bs, you should go to Poland.
If you got mostly Cs, you should go to Luxor, Egypt.
If you got mostly Ds, you should go to Nice, France.
If you got mostly Es, you should go to Vancouver, Canada.
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