ne mam rada američay (josie_in_praha) wrote,
ne mam rada američay

"Close your eyes, and I'll place you, maybe in the ocean. Or maybe on the highest plane!" -Rockapell

I really need to leave. I wonder how I'l feel when I get back from Cairo. maybe I'll still really need to leave.

spring break prices:
Cleveland to Vancouver $398
Cleveland to Paris $616.90
Cleveland to Guadelejara $705
Cleveland to Amsterdam $713
Cleveland to Madrid $815
Cleveland to Tokyo $842
Cleveland to Guayaquil, Equador $865
Cleveland to Prague $870
Cleveland to Lima, Peru $876
Cleveland to Athens $939

God, this is a disease not an interest.
I can't commit to places or people.
I can't commit to one career.
I can't commit to one sexuality.
The only thing I can commit to is food I consistantly like.
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