ne mam rada američay (josie_in_praha) wrote,
ne mam rada američay

Calling all theater people: shakespeare!!!!!!!!!

so, I've decided to go forward with directing The Tempest, preferably in the arb, second choice wilder main, third choice warner main or tappan square. All proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief and the play will be prefaced by a musical processional to the arb.

So... I have some crew positions as filled as they can be this far in advance of next semester... but... I AM STILL LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING IF YOU ARE INTERESTED:

1. STAGE MANAGER, and ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER-- must be dependable and extroverted
2. PROPS MASTER-- a lot of fun, will include collecting some kind of liquor bottle or container
4. CHOREOGRAPHER to design a dance for the fairies and maybe even the drunken people if you are lucky;)

There may be other positions for musicians... currently, I am only recruiting historical performance musicians and percussionists, but if you want to step forward and suggest yourself for anything and you are a musician, please by all means...
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